We are committed to both economic and ecological principles, in our own but also in our customers’ interest. These principles are embedded in the individual regulations and frameworks of our customers, who increasingly incorporate ecological considerations as a vital component of their way of thinking and acting as entrepreneurs.

This is why we have an ecology manager, who focuses on legal requirements and a variety of potentials for optimization and eco-efficiency both internal and for our customers.

In this regard, recycling materials is just the beginning. Relevant activities encompass our entire portfolio of services: logistics, power utilization, materials and cost of materials etc.

This is another reason why our decentralized organizational structure and our regional presence close to our customers are of extraordinary significance.

In practical terms, this means we:

work with regional partners and suppliers

avoid unnecessary transport routes by utilizing synergies

re-use materials

purchase and use equipment that is environmentally and resource-friendly

strive for certification as a climate-neutral business