We combine enthusiasm and fun in the event industry with excellence and professionalism. Because we know that there is no “nine-to-five job” in our industry. However, our work-life balance is correct. After all, we do not draw our fun and energy from a linear way of thinking and acting, but from committed cooperation, a winning attitude and successful events for, and with our customers.

Team Spirit

And we think and act as a team and in 360 degrees. Each project represents a team, which works closely and purposefully together both externally and internally. You could say: Every project is a game of a national team. This is because only the best possible team members guarantee the right to: WOW!


And we always look at the whole thing, at 360 degrees. Silos and barn doors don’t help. It’s always about the interplay of all the necessary areas and services, as much efficiency as possible and the best possible result.


WOW! is a position, an attitude and a promise. Especially in today’s world, it is important to offer real service, a professional service and a motivated attitude to life.

And that’s what is WOW!

WOW! means inspiring people, customers, partners and guests. Always surprising and convincing people with a personal attitude.

WOW! only works if employees and partners enjoy it and are passionate about it. And we are doing this, right now ...together with and for our customers!

WOW! has to offer added value for all kinds of events.